"I decided to stop pitying myself. Other than my eye, two things weren't paralyzed, my imagination and my memory"
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
Joseph Beuys

Joesph Bueys
How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare
Why I Hate Post-Internet Art
back out
Through it
You're home free when no one knows where you are.
Olafur Eliasson
"The Thought Leader" Artist Liz Magic Laser

Laser used the format of the increasingly popular TED Talk. She directed 10-year-old actor, Alex Ammerman, to deliver a monologue she adapted from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground (1864). TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global series of motivational speeches with the mission to promote “the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.” TED Talks, primarily viewed as online videos, have promoted a forceful and inspirational presentation style across a wide spectrum of professions. Speakers typically propose idealistic solutions to contemporary issues but have often been criticized for failing to offer tangible steps for achieving their utopian visions. Laser insinuates the Underground Man’s views into the TED Talk format: she applies Dostoevsky’s attack on the socialist ideal of enlightened self-interest to its contemporary capitalist incarnation.
Notes from the Underground Man by Fyodor Dostoevsky

-considered the first existentialist novel
-convincing case against the 'rational egonists' utopian socialists, 1860s
- The underground man is a well educated man, living to the ideals of European literature and philosophy
- if they understood what was really in their best interests they would never no anything destructive or irrational
-free will over reason
- The underground man believes the only people who can act in confidence are narrow minded people. He becomes unable to make decisions because he is aware of the multiplicity of motives that inform every decision. He is aware of every counter argument that could be made against him.
Facing my memory palace you see a black door. You are to close to the building to see anything else around you. You open the door and step up one step and close the door behind you. To the left is a closet with a white door and a small wooden handle. You decide to continue to the right. To the right is a wooden rocking chair about two steps from the door. Behind the chair on the right is a small window. You can see out of the palace, you see that you are surrounded by grass and trees. Facing the chair again you see behind it is a stack of wood higher than the rocking chair. Beside the pile is a stone fireplace, taking up most of the wall its against. In front of the fireplace is a woven rug dyed blue. To the left is a wall with a door. Before deciding to go through the door you take a look around in the room you are in and realize that the only thing in the room is fairly empty
Jan 27th- Mom is having a midlife crisis? Why did she have another kid and name it Max?
Feb 1st- Why did I eat fish? I don't eat animals.
Feb. 2nd- I had to explain to the police why I couldn't be kidnapped, using mind maps for visual reassurance. Once the police were convinced and I was released, I celebrated freedom by buying beer at Wal-mart.
Feb. 3rd- I don't know, was she okay?
Feb. 4th- I took a math class at Dalhousie but dropped it after the first class and switched to a video based class. Dalhousie existed in an alternative realm where vampire and witches existed and people would lay in the sun, swim, and drink between classes.
Feb 12th- Actively trying not to have school stress dreams
Feb 27th- dreamed I was in an auditorium where the seats would rotate vertically periodically. Gravity did't seem to matter as these seats would go upside down while sitting in them. I remember high fiveing a girl three times for not eating meat.
Barf, Sexually
by Sophie Sills
Waking Life (2001)
Tony Latour, 2010
Graciela Carnevale’s
Action for the Experimental Art Cycle, Rosario, Argentina, 1968

-Carnevale invited guests to a gallery being held in a storefront covered in posters. Once guests had arrived the artist locked the guests in the gallery, for more than an hour people were trapped in the space
-Involuntary social practice piece
-statement that drew a correlation between the experience they had undergone and other abusive acts perpetrated by the Argentine military government on a daily basis




Evidence of Time Travel


John Karborn
My Life is Almost Finished
post-Internet organic sentient ouze
Louis Porter
Sasha Arutyonva- Tension (2006)
“Your friend is intellectually honourable," Jimmy's mother would say. "He doesn't lie to himself.”
“He’d developed a strangely tender feeling towards such words, as if they were children abandoned in the woods and it was his duty to rescue them.”
“What could he have done or said differently? What change would have altered the course of events? In the big picture, nothing. In the small picture, so much.”
"Orcs and Crake" Margaret Atwood
“So that’s what art is, for the artist,” said Crake. “An empty drainpipe. An amplifier. A stab at getting laid.”
“We should think only beautiful things, as much as we can. There is so much beautiful in the world if you look around. You are only looking at the dirt under your feet, Jimmy. It's not good for you.”
Daily Rituals
“A solid routine fosters a well-worn groove for one’s mental energies and helps stave off the tyranny of moods.”
-Mason Curry

1. Coffee then breakfast
2. Exercise
3. Organize the clutter
Entering a quietdwsdsd
Entering a quiet thought area.
Now Exciting the quiet thought area.
Social Media as Art- Final Project Proposal

Think Space or Spatial Landscape- curated spaces for productive thought, promoting escapism and awareness.
like parks, but for the internet?
Unique spaces

Platform- hotglue

WHAT IS A THINK SPACE? Spatial Space, transformative, sensitivity towards space, sentient, awareness, language, searching/finding, dreamscape? Space as temporal
WHY? escapism, productive thought, cleansing space, open, nurturing, visual guidance, promotes becoming lost, exercise to creative questioning, giving up the idea that starting with nothing is inhabiting, roaming but not busy
- what does it mean if its personal escapism?
HOW? Using hot glue to organize landscapes through links, allowing transformative behaviour, video for one landscape,
-How will it grow? What will it mean to grow? Intellectually and visually?

Create 3 different landscapes using hotglue.
Language- cultural, communication, expressive, hidden, overwhelming
Time- inhabiting, contrived, now, routine, escape from constraints of time, space as temporal accumulation of stories
Cleansing- are all the pages cleansing? making space for new thoughts, exploration of self, questions to ask yourself, reflective
Sound- organic sound, expansive, investigational,

SOCIAL- create/add to spaces, living spaces, share

Manifesto from Studio of Spacial Activities- prof. MIROSŁAW BAŁKA as. ZUZA GOLIŃSKA
The main aim of the Studio of Spacial Activities is to make an attempt to recognize and creatively shape the spaces in which we move and act. For its activities, the studio moves beyond the Academy grounds, paying attention to social and political problems that exist in the world around us. Students explore their cultural sensitivity, while looking for an artistic identity. By defining their place and exchanging their views with representatives of other places, students draw their own spheres of communication.

Ways of learning?
should the layout reflect diversity?

So indestructible is this wood that dead
his earthly goods in a ramshackle
Where fire has destroyed tongues
but was unaccustomed to
As bombs and land mines exploded, humans
in a weather-beaten
by contrast, man has stepped
pass the night in pleasant dreams
from the ambitious and turbulent nobility;
charted that path and illuminated its jeopardies
flapped his clumsy wings about the
far out over from his ordinary, crowded, everyday,
lowland region of
We insisted that there must be some
but now it is nearly deserted.

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Watching 2001 while on acid is like putting your dinner in the microwave and then putting the microwave in the oven
Spatial Thinking
Olafur Eliasson a large scale sculptor of space and light, whose work enhances a viewers experience in the space they are participating in said “I would claim that art and culture, and this is why art and culture are so incredibly interesting in the times we're living in now, have proven that one can create a kind of a space which is both sensitive to individuality and to collectivity. It's very much about this causality, consequences.” Eliasson explains that experience is about responsibility. By having an experience we are taking part in the world by sharing experiences. Participatory art has the capabilities to make individuals aware of the space they are part of, giving importance to individual actions. Elisson’s work often deals with the “spectacle” of the experience. Spectacle having a unique presence in art and political meaning. The spectacle created visibility Claire Bishop James Meyer, arguing against Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project (2003), it denotes an overwhelming scale that dwarfs viewers and eclipses the human body as a point of reference.

Doreen Massey
space is the dimension of multiplicity

Time is the dimension of the coexistence of trajectories of ‘nows’

The multiplicity of views is the challenge that space sets for us

he necessity to keep space open and alive · For there to be politics and democracy there must be no final point
Nothing is ever the same
Now is always different
xavier de mastire- Voyage Around My Room

Perec - Species of Spaces

Poem of spaces recreated vertically/depth
into hot glue
-types of spaces

I would like there to exist places that are stable, unmoving, intangible, untouched and almost untouchable, unchanging, deep-rooted; places that might be points of reference, of departure, of origin:

Spaces melt like sand running through one's fingers. Time bears it away and leaves me only shapeless shreds:

Spaces are fragile: time is going to wear them away, to destroy them
because some places stop existing that make space become a question,

Independent Creative
Myth, Mystery and Meaning